priyanka: Moving away from caste politics and religion in UP, Cong issues ‘pink manifesto’ for women | India News

LUCKNOW: Stating that rival parties fear that Congress’ proposal to increase women’s representation in the political arena will upset their political matrix based on caste and religion, Congress National Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, said launched a “pink manifesto” here on Wednesday. with a view to the legislative elections of 2022.
“The ‘real’ development of India will remain a dream until women are well represented in politics. To date, less than 14% of the representatives of Lok Sabha and state assemblies are women, ”Priyanka said, adding that the manifesto dedicated to women in Congress is the first of its kind. She hoped that would inspire other parties as well.
Previously, Congress announced that it would give 40% of tickets for the next UP elections to female candidates. The party then promised that if it came to power it would give electric scooters and smartphones to class XII girls and increase ASHA fees to Rs 10,000. Both promises are mentioned in the Pink Manifesto, among others.
When asked if she is trying to change the rules of the game in UP politics where caste and religion are seen as crucial to winning seats, Priyanka said Congress has always worked for the good of the people. women. “We go further by giving them 40% of the tickets. Others question us because they fear that our argument in favor of women will upset their traditional matrix of politics based on caste and religion.
Putting aside the question of whether his party would implement the same formula in states run by Congress as well, Priyanka said, “I am in charge of Uttar Pradesh and can only speak for him.”
Claiming that a lot of effort has been put into crafting the women’s manifesto over the past 10 months, Priyanka asserted that Congress’ bet on women will change the course of Indian politics forever and for the better.
“The manifesto is divided into six key areas, namely self-respect, dignity, independence, education, safety and health. Instead of making false statements and seasonal poll promises, our manifesto is a roadmap that aspires to bring true empowerment to women, ”she said, adding that it was Congress that gave India its first president, its prime minister and the UP its chief prime minister. .
Priyanka added that wherever she goes, she meets women from all walks of life and has drawn two conclusions from her interactions with them. “I have noticed that women suffer for two reasons: they are not autonomous and the system is failing them. Women, especially the younger generation, hate this and yearn for a change. This manifesto aims to empower them and break their chains, ”she said.
Priyanka also announced that Congress will release its manifesto for the UP elections in two weeks.

Minnie J. Leonard