Curb riots based on religion, politics and caste, Stalin tells cops – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

CHENNAI: Chief Minister MK Stalin presided over the State Police Medal Ceremony and handed over Indian President’s Medals, Union Home Minister’s Medals and Chief Minister’s Medals to the staff for their services during and beyond the call of duty. The mothers of P Krishnamoorthi and K Sivaranjan, the firefighters who sacrificed their lives fighting a fire at a textile store in Madurai, received medals and grants in their names.

Medals were awarded to personnel for bravery, distinguished service, meritorious service, exceptional devotion to duty, excellence in public service, investigation, training, special operations, fingerprint science, technical, specialist and forensic sciences.

More than 320 officers and personnel from the police, fire and rescue services, prison and correctional services, forensic division, vigilance and anti-corruption, home guards and civil protection received the medals. Medals announced in 2020 and 2021 were also given to staff as the event did not take place due to the pandemic.

Stalin, after inspecting the parade of honors, said that the entire police department could be tainted because of one police personnel or one police station not doing their job properly. “The behavior of police officers should lead them to hold their heads high and not lower their heads. If this sentiment is instilled in all police personnel, TN will become a crime free state.

It is our duty to ensure that acts which create panic among the public do not occur. No riots based on religion, politics or caste should take place. If there are forces at play to derail this government objective, they must be dealt with with an iron fist,” Stalin told police.

He added that the drug trade must be stamped out, the thugs rooted out and the illegal sales of arrack eradicated. The police department must act strictly by following these ideas, and Stalin said he hopes the state police will win the global medal of peace by creating such an environment.

Minnie J. Leonard